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Navasota Texas Road Trip

Create The Perfect "Big Game" Party

East Texas is the part of Texas that reminds me of living in Michigan. The trees are bigger, the towns are smaller, minus Houston of course. And there are farms everywhere. At least that was the feeling I got on our Navasota Texas Road Trip. Navasota Texas is known as the Hill Country of Houston. There are breweries, wineries, and you can throw a rock in any direction and find great BBQ.

Navasota Texas Road Trip

Navasota Texas Road Trip – Getaway And Unplug

Our first stop was a Getaway House in Navasota, TX. These cute and very secluded tiny homes are pet friendly and kid friendly. They have everything you need including a full bathroom with shower, and a mini kitchen so you can cook inside if you want to. There are Adirondack chairs surrounding a firepit outside, along with a picnic table for the whole family to sit at. This was definitly one of the best spring family getaways.

It was nice to shut down the devises and reconnect. We played cards, listened to audiobooks, and played Yahtzee, which I won of course.

Navasota Texas Road Trip

Pack For Safety And For Necessity

Safety when traveling has always been top on my list, but the last year has really changed what I pack to keep us safe. I partnered with Medicevo to try out their new mask, and I have to say, this is absolutely the best mask I have worn since we had to start wearing masks. My glasses don’t fog up, and it fits perfectly on my face. I can breath really easy, which is a huge deal because of my asthma.

  • Medicevo’s new Graphene Face Mask is a new reusable alternative to disposable N95 face masks – and, with a bacterial filtration efficiency score of 98% are safer than N95s in protecting the wearer against COVID-19 and other germs and viruses.

I also packed hand sanitizer, snacks, water, and poopy bags for the girls, always be a responsible pet owner.

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Navasota Texas Road Trip

Visit The Locals On This Navasota Texas Road Trip

The first excursion we took was to Wildflyer Mead Company. I was never a fan of mead until I visited this place. It was very pet friendly, and I loved the decor. Their mead was a honey mead, created with the honey they got from the bee store next door. The hubs and I each had a flight of different meads so we could decide which one we wanted to buy.

Best Spring Family Getaways

Best Spring Family GetawaysWe ended up buying 10 bottles, that’s right, we fell in love with this mead. Our favorite was the Unbirthday, which was a black tea and lemon mead.

Navasota Texas Road Trip

Always Check Out The Busy Lunch Spots

We headed to the Classic Rock Café next. There was outdoor seating, so I would consider this pet friendly as well.

Best Spring Family Getaways

The hubs had a club sandwich, and I had a margarita flatbread, and a triple shot iced latte, of course. We were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was, and the decor inside the restaurant was really cool.

Navasota Texas Road Trip

A Night Of Disconnect And Connecting

Back at our Getaway, we decided to play some cards, pull out the games we had brought, and relax in our pj’s. I plugged in my Happy Wax warmer so I could enjoy the wonderful relaxing scents while we started to wind down. The pups were comfortable on the huge bed, and we enjoyed our time reconnecting with each other. This was really turning out to be one of the best spring family getaways ever.

Best Spring Family Getaways

Breakfast At The Getaway

The next morning, the hubs started a fire and I started some coffee. Those of you that know me, know I have a lot of coffee makers, 11 to be exact. I decided to bring the French press and the espresso peculator with me on this trip.

Best Spring Family Getaways

Best Spring Family Getaways

After I ground the beans in the hand crank grinder I picked up at the IKEA store, I made some of the best coffee I had ever made. I then made some bacon and eggs, and we got ready to start our day.

Navasota Texas Road Trip

Blue Bell The Best Ice Cream In The Country

Our first excursion of the second day was the Blue Bell Creameries. It was located about 40 minutes from our getaway. I was pretty excited about our next excursion. I reached out to the Blue Bell Ice Cream headquarter, and they were very excited to have us come by for a visit. When we arrived we couldn’t believe how many things there were to check out. We headed up to the parlor to meet with the communications team.

Navasota Texas Road Trip

They started us off with a couple Texas sized scoops of ice cream, I think all meetings should start off this way now. Then we headed down to the museum and visitors center.


It was nice to learn all about Blue Bell and why they truly are the best ice cream in the country. We finished our tour in the country store, and of course getting another scoop of ice cream.

Best Spring Family Getaways

Time For Some Campfire Cooking

I had planned on making hot dogs and baked beans for dinner over the fire, but with a full kitchen in the getaway, I decided to make it easy on myself. Those were some really tasty hot dogs.

Best Spring Family Getaways

Best Spring Family Getaways

Last Night At The Getaway

We really wanted to enjoy our last night at the Getaway House. Getting into the groove of relaxing and reconnecting was actually becoming fun, and we played a lot of go fish. The audio book we were listening to was almost done so we finished that off, and decided to listen to another one, it was more for background noise, but it was really nice. With a busy day ahead of us, we turned in early.

Breweries, BBQ, And Wineries On This Navasota Texas Road Trip

I had reached out to a couple more place we wanted to check out, which we found on the Getaway House website. We packed up, said goodbye to our getaway, and headed on our way. Finding BBQ was first on our list, then a local brewery called Lone Pint Brewery, and our final destination was the Bernhardt Winery, where we were going to be staying for the night in their suite. Another perfect place to add to the best spring family getaways.

Best Spring Family Getaways

Time For Some BBQ

It was time for lunch and we wanted BBQ. One thing we love to do is check out the local BBQ everywhere we go. We checked out Yelp for some suggestions and settle on Mallet Brothers BBQ. Boy am I glad we went there, it was absolutely amazing, and had a pet friendly porch. I was really happy with all the pet friendly things we were finding in this little east Texas town of Navasota. What really made this place special, besides their amazing brisket, was the huge variety of sides.

Best Spring Family Getaways

Best Spring Family Getaways

Best Spring Family Getaways

Lone Pint Brewery

The directions to Lone Pint Brewery said the brewery was only 3o minutes from where we were, but with construction it took around 40 minutes. Always be prepared when traveling to add a few minutes to each journey, there is always construction. the hubs and I each got a flight to taste a few different flavors.

Best Spring Family Getaways

I really enjoyed the ginger beer, and the hubs enjoyed is dark beer that he always leans towards.

Best Spring Family Getaways

This place was perfect for the girls, they enjoyed running around on their leashes, while we sat back and relaxed. 


Local Coffee Shop

I always seek out at least one local coffee shop in every town. The Magnolia Coffee and Bistro was cute, and the coffee was pretty good, and I really needed that coffee after those beer tastings.

Time To Head To The Winery

The map said we were about 30 minutes from the Bernhardt Winery so we decided to start heading that way. For some reason that 30 minutes turned into 20 minutes and we were quite early. I decided to walk the girls and go check out the pruning the employees were doing on the grape vines. I love catching them really working the production of something so amazing like wine.


We checked into our suite at their bed & breakfast, and wow, was it amazing. Words just can’t do this place justice, so here’s a little video I did.

Time For Some Tastings

After we got settled in, we headed down for some wine tastings. I wasn’t sure how the hubs would do, he’s not really a wine kind of guy. Boy was I surprised. I ordered a large charcuterie board to enjoy with our tasting, and I’m not sure which I was more impressed with. I’ll tell you, their wine did not disappoint, and the hubs, well he chose a red wine for his free glass, boy was I surprised.

We actually ended up getting his choice for our free bottle. That’s right, when you stay at the Bernhardt winery, you get a free tasting, free glass of wine each, and a free bottle to take with you. You also get breakfast the next morning. It really is a great deal.

The Welcome Kitty

We were greeted on our way back to our room by the fluffiest kitty I have ever met. He was so sweet, and I could have pet him al night. The girls needed to go out so we walked them around the grounds of the winery, which includes a little pond with turtles. The grounds are very pet friendly, they even have pup stations with poop bags and a trash can.


The Market Days On Saturday

We lucked out with the day we stayed as there was a market day the Saturday we were checking out. It was a really nice market, and I may have spent to much money on bread and dip. 

Time To Head Home And Find More BBQ

We loaded everyone and everything in the Jeep and headed on our way. The past few days were a whirlwind, but a great one. The experiences and excursions we were able to enjoy were wonderful, and I highly recommend heading out to Navasota, TX and checking out some of the things we did.

Best Spring Family Getaways

On the way home we decided to stop at one of our favorite BBQ places called Joel’s. It’s located right off IH 10 in Flatonia, TX. It is some of the best BBQ we have ever had and try really hard to stop every time we are in the area.

Best Spring Family Getaways

Be Prepared When It Comes To Pets

Be sure to check ahead when you travel with pets to make sure the places you are going are pet friendly, and if you’re traveling with kids, same advice pertains. We were lucky with our Navasota Texas road trip, everything we did was pet friendly.

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