DIY Back To School – Keep the Kids Organized and Happy

Back to school, wow, how is the summer over already? I know that is what the kids are saying, but I think some parents may be getting very excited about sending those kiddos back to school, no matter how stressful those first days back may be. But the first day, or week, back to school doesn’t have to be stressful, if you plan for it.

From getting the school supplies ready to making sure the kids have enough school clothes, to that dreaded after school phrase – I’m hungry, what is there to snack on. I may not be able to solve all the stresses of back to school, but with these few tips, I may be able to make it a little better for everyone.

After School Snacks

Dom’s Chop Salsa (Found Exclusively at HEB)
Tortilla chips
Ball jar
Plastic applesauce container (emptied)
Deco Art acrylic paint
Sponge brush

This is a fun and easy craft the kids can create to personalize it for themselves. I used the 4” Ball jars with the wide lid, the applesauce containers fit perfect in this jar. Be sure to wash the applesauce container out with soap and water and dry completely before using it. It’s also a great idea to wash the Ball jars out and dry them completely. To paint the jars, let the kids pick out a few of their favorite Deco Art acrylic paint colors and dip the backend of the sponge brush into the paint and then place it on the jar to make circles. They could also paint their names using the Deco Art paint markers. Fill the jar with your favorite chips and fill the applesauce container with Dom’s Chop Salsa, it comes in mild, medium, hot and for a limited time, hatch chili, yum… Place the lid back on the jar and place it in the refrigerator so when the kids get home they can grab their personalized jar out and enjoy.

Out The Door For School Organizer (Items from The Container Store)

Items Needed
Storage bench
Shelf table with basket
Square chalkboard
Square dry erase board
Square tack board
Square fabric board

This is so important for having a hassle free and stress-free morning. I collaborated with The Container Store to create this awesome organizing out the door area to make back to school easy breezy for the parents and kids. Place the bench somewhere close the door you exit out of each morning, then add a shelfing area with a basket and create this 4-squared information area with the chalkboard, dry-erase board, tack board and chalk board. The bench is perfect to hide shoes, back packs, and coats for the kids to find easily every morning. Be sure to let the kids help you set this up so they are excited to use it.

How To Make Those Clothes Last Longer

Items Needed
No sew glue
No sew fabric glue strips
Hot glue gun
Flannel fabric
Fun materials the kiddos like
After School Snack Ideas

This was such a fun project for me to do. I remember as my kiddo was growing from year to year, he would mainly grow up and not out, so to add a couple of inches to all his clothes was a major money savor, even if it lasted for only a couple of months. Now I am known as the no-sew gal, but if you know how to sew, it may be easier to do this with a sewing machine.

All I did was add some lace trim to the bottoms of the girls shorts and bottoms of the girl’s shirts, I used hot glue because it is safe in the washing machine on cold and I would just air dry them. But, you can use a no-sew glue or no-sew binding tape to adhere the lace to the fabric. For the boys clothes, I cut strips of flannel and created a hem and glued it to the inside of the jeans and the inside of the shirt. Be sure to let the kids pick out the lace and flannel so that they are excited to wear the clothes, the girls may love the flannel too, as it is really in style this year.

Organizing The Kids Clothes For School

Items Needed
Hanging clothes organizer (from The Container Store)
Scrapbook paper
Glue dots

Every morning my kiddo would ask, what should I wear today. This easy to create project will solve that problem and I collaborated with The Container Store as well to make it happen. This hanging organizer can be used for many things and I am using it to organize the kid’s clothes for the week.

There are six compartments, use the bottom compartment to put the shoes for the week in it and then put the kid’s clothes for each day in each compartment. Be sure to include the undies and socks as well as the outfit. This will make getting ready in the morning fun and easy for you and the kids. Let the kids have fun picking their clothes out on Sunday, that way they will be excited each day, knowing they made the decision. You could even have them write out the days of the week on paper and tape it to each compartment, so they know which day to grab next.

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