End of Summer DIY Party Games

Summer is over and the kids are back in school, but that doesn’t mean you stop having fun. It is still hot out there and you still have two days every week to have fun with the kids outside. You don’t have to break the bank to have fun playing games, and these games are perfect for an end of summer party or even inside on an early fall rainy day. You can even take these games on a short weekend trip to the lake or beach.

They are fun and easy to create and can be made with items you probably have around the home already. You will see that some of these games will remind you of old games from the past.
As always, be sure to get creative and have fun.

Shoot em’ Up Golf Game can be played many ways, you can use a Nerf gun, a water gun or even a golf club to play, and you can create this for under $10, or even cheaper if you have the items in your home already.

Items Needed
18 x 3 Piece of thick Styrofoam
Ping Pong Balls (or golf balls if you are using a golf club
Golf Tees
Acrylic Paint – green, purple, yellow, orange, pink, blue
Deco Art Paint Marker
Sponge brushes
Nerf gun, water gun or golf club

First you will paint the piece of Styrofoam with the green Americana acrylic paint, be sure to let it dry a couple of hours. While the Styrofoam is drying, paint the ping pong balls in different colors, let the kids have fun with this. You should only need one coat, it will take about 30 minutes for them to dry. Once the balls are dry, write numbers with the paint marker on one side of the ball in increments of 10’s all the way to 50.

Place the tees into the Styrofoam to hold up the balls and then shoot the balls off the tees with either the nerf gun or the water gun, whoever gets the highest score wins. If you are going to use the golf clubs, you can add an extra element to the game by creating a cardboard scoring box. (See below)

Shot Put Throwing Game is kind of a take on skeet ball and cornhole. This game may cost you a total of $5 if you don’t already have the items around the house.

Items Needed
Paper plates (I got ones that look like bull’s eyes)
Felt in 4 – 5 different colors
Hot glue gun
Deco Art paint marker

To create the bags that you are throwing, cut out 4” x 4” squares in the felt, you will need matching squares that you can glue together. You will want to create 3 – 4 throwing squares for each player. Next, glue the squares together leaving a 1 inch hole where you can pour the rice in. Put about 3 – 4 teaspoons of rice inside the glued together square, enough to make it heavy but not bulky, then glue shut the 1-inch hole.

For the plates, you will want to write numbers in increments of 10’s on the inside of the plate, you can go up to 50 or 100, this is your game, make it fun for your family.
Set the plates 12” apart or more in a straight line and throw the felt bags, whoever gets the most points wins.

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