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Molly’s Puppy Party

Molly is my wonderful crazy Morky that is turning a year old and of course I have to plan a fun and crazy birthday party for her.  She is feisty and totally rules the home, she is my travel buddy when I am on the road and she just loves to cuddle.

The first thing I did was see who could come to her party, it’s amazing when you start checking around, just how many friends have puppies or little fur babies.  I couldn’t wait to get the invite out for her party.

I use an online service called Evite to create her invitations, it was simple and free, that’s right, save money where you can.

I contacted my friends over at “Pawsitively Sweet Bakery” for Molly’s cake and treats and the wonderful people over at Kriser’s Pet Supplies donated all of Molly and her guest’s goody bags.  I knew that this party could get crazy, so I wanted to keep it simple for all the guests, I created some cute DIY doggy bowls for the yummy treats, and fun and easy to make doggy houses, just in case the pups wanted to have a safe and secure place to stay during the party.

For the human guests, I created doggy ear headbands, so we would all feel like pups at the party.  I also created a doggy themed treat tray for the human guests, but made sure to only have doggy safe items on it, just in case.

Doggy Ears Headband

Items Needed
Headbands (you can buy them in a 5 pack for under $3 at most grocery or department stores)
Felt in brown, black, and white
Hot Glue gun
Card Stock
First, draw a doggy ear onto the card stock and then cut it out, this is your template.  Now, trace the doggy ear onto the brown felt and start cutting them out.  You will need 2 for every headband, and a headband for every guest.  Next, cut out spots for the ears in the black and white felt.  Finally, hot glue spots onto the ears and then hot glue the ears onto the headbands.  Let them cool and hand them out to your guests.
Dog House
Items Needed
Card board box (big enough for your dog)
2nd card board box, bigger then then first
Americana outdoor paint
1 sheets of poster board (may need more for a bigger dog house)
Sponge Brush
Packing tape
Hot glue gun
The first thing you will do is a lot of cutting into the cardboard, so be sure you have really good scissors and strong hands.  Cut 2 side flaps off the top of the cardboard box you are using for the dog house, then cut 2 side flaps off of the larger box, these are for your roof.  Next, cut a door big enough for your pup to fit through and 2 smaller windows.  Paint the whole box with the outdoor paint, you may need 2 coats so be sure to let each coat dry for 10 – 20 minutes before you add the second coat.  For the roof, cut shingles out of the poster board, I made a shingle template and just drew a bunch of shingles and cut them out.  Hot glue the shingles, overlapping them, onto the larger flaps that you cut off of the larger box.  After the hot glue has dried, tape the roof together with the packing tape.  You want it to be in the triangle format before you tape, this way it will hold up better.  Finally, hot glue the roof to the dog house.  You can even personalize it for your pup.
Doggy Placemats
Items Needed
Card stock
Sharpie marker
Americana paint
Sponge brush
Dog paw print stamp
I drew the doggy bone free hand onto paper and then copied it onto the card stock so that all the placemats were the same size.  Next, this is your choice, you can either paint all the place mats ahead of time, or have enough supplies where your guest can have fun and stamp the designs onto he placemats as a fun craft during the party.
Doggy Bowls
Items Needed
Plastic doggy bowls
Americana multi-surface paint (white)
Americana Paint marker (white)
Small paint brush
Doggy bone cookie cutter
Piece of cardstock
Cut a template doggy bone by tracing inside the doggy bone onto the piece of cardstock.  Place the template onto the dog bowl and trace it using the Americana paint marker.  Next, finish the bone by painting it with the white paint, I had to paint 3 coats, but be sure to let the paint dry completely between coats, about 10 – 20 minutes.  You could also use another color of paint pen to write each pups name on the painted bone.
Human Doggy Treats
Items Needed
Doggy bone cookie cutter
This is an easy treat to do. Cut out meats and cheeses using the doggy bone cookie cutter and place them on a party tray.
Molly and her friends had such a great time. Thank you to all that came.
Molly, Chewy and Gus with Adeina, JJ and Tami
Molly and Chewy enjoyed their Birthday Cake
Molly and Chewy, Molly just loves her brother and loved giving him kisses
Molly and Sadie
Molly and Reece
Molly and Jack
Molly and Gus with Adeina and Tami
Molly and her brother Chewy
Molly, Gus, Jack and Sadie

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