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Travel To My Home State of Michigan

Living in Texas is wonderful, especially when the community comes together, like they did with the recent hurricane Harvey. I mention this because I love my home state of Michigan, but am honored to live in a state like Texas that makes me feel so at home.

I love Michigan, I love everything about it, the people, the scenery and the food and wine. There may not be a Starbucks on every corner like where I live now, but there is a wine tour in pretty much every town.

The first day we were there visited the town of South Haven, there is a beautiful lighthouse and a lot of little shops and restaurants.

The pups loved walking all the way out to the lighthouse too.

I visited my favorite Winery during my visit back home. The St. Julian Winery has a wonderful wine club that of course I joined and was able to do a wine tasting for free.

The tasting includes 7 different wines or spirits so I tried 4 wines and a brandy and a rum.

Wow, they were all so good, of course I took a few home, well maybe more then a few. Stay tuned for a full review on the winery.

I also visited some very tasty eateries that were recommended by the locals, the first one was the 120 Taphouse.

The drinks were great and the food was surprisingly amazing.

I say surprisingly, because the restaurant seems like a local pub, and the food was like a fine dining experience.

We also visited a restaurant called Brewsters that was recommended to us by the local UPS guy. It too was a great experience and had one of my favorite things, a Bloody Mary bar, yay me.

My favorite dining experience was the local diner in my home town called Amy’s Fabulous Diner.

It is run by one of my friends from high school, and hands down some of the best food I have ever had. The prices were perfect and the portions were huge. It is definitely the local hangout, and I can see why, I tried the Haystack the first morning and lets just say, this is the perfect meal if you like everything about breakfast food.

The second day I tried the waffles, it was like heaven for breakfast, and I can’t believe I got 2 waffles for that price. The coffee may not be my usual espresso that I drink but it was really good. I highly recommend Amy’s Fabulous Diner, even if you aren’t staying in Marcellus, it’s worth the drive.

My main goal for going back to my home town of Marcellus, MI was to visit with friends and enjoy our yearly get together, the Blue Gill Frolic.

My Texas friends gave me the squint eye and said things like, what is a blue gill, and frolic, do you frolic about around town? Ha Ha, no, it is an event that has been going on since the early 50’s if not longer. More like a street fair, lot’s of vendors, a silent auction, and great food and drink. There is a beer tent and live bands play throughout the 2 day event.

There were fair games and elephant ears, (similar to funnel cakes), and of course everyone that is anyone in that town shows up, so you get to visit with people you haven’t seen in years.

This year I decided to stay in a different town at a beautiful little cottage that I rented through Airbnb. It was exactly 100 years old, and it was lovely.

It was on a lake called 3 Mile Lake, it was only 5 minutes from the town of Paw Paw, where conveniently my favorite winery is and there just so happens to be a Starbucks, score.

The cottage had 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and was perfect for my little family. My dad and brother came down and my aunt and uncle got to visit.

The pups, Molly and Riley loved it, they had such a great time. We made a bonfire one night, and they loved sitting by the fire and relaxing.

I took them to the lake, this was the first time they had ever seen this, and they loved it.

The even got to visit with a local bunny rabbit, I don’t know who was more fascinated by who.

Molly and Riley also loved relaxing in the living room, and the home had beautiful wood floors which made it easy for us to know where the pups were at all times.

I love my home town and miss it terribly, but I do love Texas, and I love that I get to visit Michigan as much as I do.

If you haven’t been, I highly suggest it, even if you don’t get to go to the Blue Gill Frolic, I highly recommend a visit to Michigan, the summers are great, the fall is the best, especially when the leaves start to turn, but the winters are my favorite, and are truly amazing.

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