Happy Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Banner

Happy Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Banner

Love is in the air and Valentine’s is right around the corner. Decorating for every holiday is a must in my home and I just LOVE decorating for Valentine’s. Maybe it’s because of all the chocolate, or maybe it’s because of all the spring colors everywhere. Either way, show someone how much you love them with this easy to create DIY heart banner.

Who to Give Your Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Banner To

This is a fun idea for the kids to create as a gift for their teacher too. Grandma’s would love this as a gift and so would your favorite neighbor.  Let the kids pick out the colors of the paper and markers, they will enjoy their craft more that way.

Places to put your Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Banner

This would be great over the fireplace, in the dining room, or just how I have it in the picture, as a banner on your door.  You could even laminate it and stick it on the outside of the door.


Items Needed

Card stock in various Colors

Deco Art Paint Markers

White Ribbon

Hole Punch

Cut 4” hearts out of the card stock in various colors.  Using the paint marker, write different sayings on the hearts to look like the little candy hearts.  Punch holes in each side of the hearts and string ribbon threw the holes to connect the hearts, tie a bow to secure the ribbon.  Be sure to leave enough ribbon on the ends of the streamer so you can hang it.


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