Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops

Living a healthy lifestyle is number one on my list of New Year New Me changes. I have used CBD products for various reasons. Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops are not only tasty, with their different flavors, but they really help you appreciate the things that really matter in life.

Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops

Living Your Best Life

I started using CBD products to feel healthier after I found out the great benefits it has. I take ½ drop in the morning on my tongue, and I love the pomegranate flavor the best. Social CBD’s mission is to make you feel your best.

Did You Know?

Broad Spectrum Drops are different than Social CBD’s Isolate Drops. The Broad Spectrum Social Drops contain a pure CBD isolate and contains additional cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients. This meaning, more non-psychoactive cannabinoids join CBD to create synergy in your body—something called the entourage effect, which is known to increase the bioavailability of the cannabinoids in your system. Broad Spectrum Drops are experiencing hemp extract at its full potential.

Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops

Just The Facts

  • Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound that interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. These series of receptors regulate pain, mood, the immune system, memory, appetite, stress, and other important functions.
  • Unlike THC, Broad Spectrum Drops do not get you high or create any psychoactive effect.
  • All Social CBD products undergo extensive third-party laboratory analysis to ensure maximum potency, without the risk of impurities.
  • Social CBD test for more than 40 residual impurities, 60 pesticides, and proudly stands among the select few CBD-based products that achieve 0.0% THC.
  • Each test result is available online and via the QR code on each box.
  • Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops come in four all-natural varieties:
  • Unflavored, Pomegranate Tea, Meyer Lemon, and Vanilla Mint.
  • You can add Social CBD into your favorite foods and drinks or take it directly from the dropper. When taking from the dropper, hold under your tongue for 30–60 seconds for the most effective absorption.
  • A 375 mg bottle of Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops typically retails for $40.

Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops

Why Social CBD?


Testing for purity and potency is a critical part of our process which we repeat again and again and again—at every stage of production. This includes testing our products for over 40 residual contaminants and 60 pesticides.. At the end of the line, we re-test each batch individually by an unbiased third party. So when our product ends up in your hand, you know it’s safe.


Our promise is 0.0% THC and powerful CBD. Legally, CBD products can have up to 0.3% THC—but that doesn’t fly with us. That’s why we go the extra step to take more THC out of our products. That’s only the beginning—we make sure our products have powerful levels of CBD. We do thorough testing to ensure you’re getting exactly what’s labeled, so when you grab something like our 33.33mg per serving in a 30 serving bottle..


CBD companies talk the talk, but only a handful walk the walk. That’s why if you’re ever in doubt, just look to our boxes. Every box has a QR code and Batch ID. With that code, you can find the test results on our site for that specific batch of CBD. Let us repeat that—these aren’t general Social test results—these test results are unique to your product.

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