CBD Oil Is A Way Of Life

CBD Oil Is A Way Of Life

CBD Oil Is A Way Of Life

My first experience with CBD Oil was a massage. My aches and pains were completely gone after my massage, and I was convinced. CBD oil is a way of life for me now. With my endocrine condition, I have found that CBD oil really helps. I have an under active thyroid topped with hashimotos disease. This makes it difficult to accomplish anything some days, much less all the things I have to do living the life I live.

I was given this amazing CBD Oil from Medterra, and I couldn’t wait to try it. Now that I have it, I absolutely love this product, and all of the health benefits that come with it.

CBD Oil Is A Way Of Life

Concentration of CBD Receptors

I am learning that CBD oil is great for someone like me. I have a thyroid condition, and CB1 is a great product to help with the numerous issues I have that are caused by my thyroid condition. Just 2 drops a day is all you need to get the benefits.

CBD Oil Is A Way Of Life

The Endocannabinoid System

What is the ECS?

Our ECS consists of numerous cannabinoid (CBD) receptors that are endogenous to the human brain. Playing a pivotal role in physiological processes such as mood, memory, pain, and appetite.

How Does it work?

Cannabinoids link together with receptors to activate the neuron into action. Carrying out cellular responses for homeostasis and healthy functioning.

Where is it located?

Our two main ECS receptors, CB1 and CB2 can be found within our brain and nervous system, as well as other organs and tissues.


  1. Brain
  2. Thyroid
  3. Upper Airways
  4. Liver
  5. Adrenals
  6. Ovaries
  7. Uterus
  8. Prostate
  9. Testes



  1. Eye
  2. Stomach
  3. Heart
  4. Pancreas
  5. Digestive Tract
  6. Bone

CBD Oil Is A Way Of Life

Do Your Research

Medterra is a revolutionary health and wellness company that provides the highest quality THC-Free CBD products on the market. Inspired by people and athletes of all walks of life, they are focused on developing innovative products that cater to the lifestyles of you and the ones you love. Medterra’s CBD is derived from organic non-GMO industrial hemp, grown and extracted under the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Offering true seed to sale products, with a focus on quality and consistency, Medterra is dedicated to providing CBD products you can trust.

CBD Oil Is A Way Of Life

Just the facts

  • Medterra CBD Oil Tincture is made with Medterra’s 99%+ CBD and MCT oil in strengths of 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 3000 mg.
  • Grown and extracted in the United States, their CBD is fully compliant under the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.
  • Each CBD Tincture contains 30 servings and can be taken day or night, sublingually.
  • All of Medterra’s CBD products contain 0% THC, guaranteed.
  • Medterra utilizes a whole plant CO2 extraction that allows them to draw the CBD from the plant material and filter out unnatural substances, maximizing pure CBD concentration.
  • Each product that leaves Medterra’s facility is third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality.
  • A 1000 mg bottle typically retails for $55.99.

Where to purchase

Medterra CBD Oil Tincture is available to purchase at your local retailer
and on To find this product in your area, visit for the full list of locations.


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