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Creating A DIY Christmas Ornament

Creating A DIY Christmas Ornament

Creating A DIY Christmas Ornament

My fondest memories as a kid during the holidays were creating a DIY Christmas.

We would pick a night, usually a cold snowy night,  and pull out all the crafts.

There was always salt dough ornaments to make, and of course lot’s of hot chocolate.

The funnest part of the DIY night was being together and creating ornaments for our Christmas tree.

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Creating A DIY Christmas Ornament

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I carried on the tradition with my son, who is now an adult, but still loves to craft with me, especially for the holidays.

We always try to create a new ornament every year, I still think my favorite is the Christmas Sleigh.

These are great for Christmas gifts too, easy to make and so inexpensive.

You can create these other DIY Christmas ornaments with items from around your home, or at least a quick trip to the craft store.

Creating A DIY Christmas Ornament

DIY Christmas Sled Ornament

  1. Cut 1 of the Popsicle sticks in half.
  2. Paint all the Popsicle sticks with the acrylic paint.
  3. Let the paint dry for 20 minutes.
  4. Glue 5 of the Popsicle sticks together, side by side, using the 2 halves underneath to hold them together.
  5. Add the last 2 Popsicle sticks by gluing them to the halves, on their sides, these are the skis to the sled.
  6. Add a Christmas touch by gluing the Christmas floral pick to the front of the sled.
  7. Cut the twine about 8″ long for the hanger on the sled by tying a knot to two ends and gluing it to the back of the sled.

Creating A DIY Christmas Ornament

DIY Mason Jar Lid Ornament

  1. Cut a string of yarn or twine about 3 feet long.
  2. Place a glue dot on the inside of the mason jar lid.
  3. Starting with one of the ends of the yarn or twine, stick it to the glue dot and start wrapping it around the lid.
  4. Add another glue dot about an 1/2 inch from the first one and continue to wrap the yarn or twine.
  5. Finish it off by adding a glue dot to where you started and push the end of the yarn or twine into the glue dot to hold it on.
  6. Glue a Christmas floral pick to the top for an added touch.
  7. Tie a loop of the yarn or twine as a hanger for the ornament.

Creating A DIY Christmas Ornament

DIY Material Ball Ornament

  1. This is the easiest ornament ever.
  2. Place the Styrofoam ball in the middle of the Christmas material.
  3. Pull the material up to the top of the ball and tie it off with the yarn or twine, leaving the ends about 3 inches long on both sides.
  4. Cut the excess material off.
  5. Tie a knot with the two ends, this is your hanger for the ornaments.
  6. Glue a Christmas floral pick to the front of the ornament.

More DIY Christmas Ideas

These ornaments are great to do with your kiddos and they make great hostess or neighbor gifts, or even teacher gifts.

I hope you and yours have a Wonderful and Merry Christmas.


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