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Fun & Easy DIY Summer Wind Chime

Fun & Easy DIY Festive Wind Chime

Festive and Colorful Wind Chime

Vote For Me in The Rustoleum Creator Studio Contest

Rustoleum is one of my favorite products to work with and I was picked to create a festive and colorful project for their newest Creator Studio contest. I created a fun & easy DIY Summer Wind Chime. The items I used were paid for by Rustoleum and the idea was my own. Please check out all the details on their website, and if you would like to vote for me, just create an account and vote.  I appreciate all the support and can’t wait to create another project for them.

How To Create Your Own Festive and Colorful Wind Chime

You may find most of the items you will need for this project already in your home. But just in case you don’t have them, here is a list of what you will need to create your own colorful wind chime.

Items Needed To Create Your Own Wind Chime

Items Needed

  • Washers in various sizes, you want a lot of them
  • Rustoleum spray paint in 6 different colors
  • Craft paper to paint on
  • Yarn in 2 different colors
  • Wooden craft loop, I used a 12” one
  • Plastic beads (optional)
  • Paper plates


Rustoleum Colors

Picking Out Your Colors

First, you will need six different colors of Rustoleum gloss spray paint, I used blue, green, red, orange, yellow and a turquoise blue. Next, lay your craft paper down and place your washers in a single layer on the craft paper.

Painting The Washers

Creating Some Colorful Washers

Spray one side of the washers with each color of the spray paint that is behind them. If it is hot outside, let them set for a little bit and then place them on a paper plate and bring them inside to dry, about 1 – 2 hours. Then the washers back outside place them back on the craft paper and spray the other side, follow the same steps.

Making the Wind Chime

Adding The Yarn, Beads, and Washers

Follow the same steps as did for the wooden craft loop, let everything dry for at least 2 hours. Now it’s time to cut the yarn, you all know I don’t measure, so use your better judgement here.  You will need six pieces of yarn for the top strings that go on the smaller wooden craft loop, this is what will hold the strings that hang down.  These six strings should all be the same length and pulled tight before securing them. Place the bigger loop on top of the smaller loop and tighten the larger loop to hold everything together.

Adding The Beads and The Washers

Time To Tie The Washers

Now for the fun part, I used plastic beads at the top of each string, but you don’t have to. To tie the washers to the strings, just loop the yarn through each one and add the next one, you don’t have to tie them or glue them, this allows you to move them where you want them when you are done, and they will stay in place. Tie off the bottom washer once you have added all the beads and washers to each string.

Hanging The Wind Chime

Finally, add two pieces of yarn to the middle of the top strings so you can hang the wind chime.  This Fun & Easy DIY Summer Wind Chime is a great craft to keep the kids busy during the summer.


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