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Persona For My Personal Health

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This year has been a doozy, and for months I have been working on getting my health back in order. I was eating healthy and exercising, and  I still felt like I was missing something. Persona for my personal health seemed like the perfect next step.

Persona For My Personal Health

First Steps To The Right Vitamins

The first thing you do is take an assessment test to find out which vitamins your body needs. I logged onto to start the process. It was really easy, a few questions about your health, age, and your eating habits to start your road to wellness. The system calculates which vitamins are perfect for you. It’s quick and easy, and I actually learned a lot in the process.

Check With Your Doctor First

I’m not going to lie, I have some health issues right now. I wanted to make sure my prescriptions were compatible with my new vitamin packets I would be taking. My doctors were very supportive and really liked the process of Persona. Everything was compatible, and my doctor even helped me figure out a timing schedule for my prescriptions, and my vitamins.

Persona For My Personal Health

Your First Day To A Healthier You

After you receive your vitamins, read everything that comes in the box. The instructions that come in the box are easy to follow and understand. You knew exactly what to take for morning and night. 

Connect With The Nutritionist

One of the great services Persona offers is a meeting over the phone with a nutritionist. The point of this call is to see how you are doing and make sure your body is getting everything it needs. My meeting went great, and my nutritionist had some awesome suggestions.

Persona For My Personal Health

What Is Persona

Persona is a personalized, high-quality supplement subscription service that delivers your packs to your doorstep every 28 days. 

  1. Build a personal profile
    • Our confidential questionnaire looks at all the things that make you you: your health goals, your lifestyle, your diet, your allergies—even your medications—and builds a wellness profile that maps your unique needs.
  2. Get science-backed recommendations
    • With the insight you provide, Persona’s doctor-designed algorithm crafts a personal supplement plan to help you reach your wellness goals. It’s backed by the latest research and completely customizable.
  3. Get personalized nutrition delivered monthly
    • Your Persona subscription includes a custom daily supplement packs delivered to your door. No bottles, no refills, just the nutrients you need when you need them. You can cancel any time.
  4. Get one-on-one health advice
    • Our qualified nutritionists are here when you need them. They’ll answer your questions and work with you update your program in line with your changing needs.

Eating Healthy

Per the suggestion of the nutritionist, I needed to get more vegetables and fruit in my diet. I started juicing, and creating healthy meals. Juicing was fun, my husband even got into it. Every morning I cut up the vegetables and fruit, and create a yummy juice for myself and my husband. It feels great to get all those healthy vegetables and fruits into my system. I also started creating some healthy dishes, salads, dinners, and even some yummy and healthy desserts.

Get Healthy And Save

Be sure to use my link to receive 30% off your first two months.

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