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Celebrate The Total Solar Eclipse

Celebrate The Total Solar EclipseIf you thought the partial eclipse back on October 12th, 2023 was exciting, well, Mother Nature just said “Hold up and watch this” for many Americans. You see, on April 8th, 2004, there will be a full-on total solar eclipse, that’s right, an eclipse of totality. How do you plan to celebrate the total solar eclipse? 

What Is A Solar Eclipse

I happen to live in San Antonio, which was the best place to catch the partial eclipse in October and is now the best place to catch the total eclipse in April. Though there are many places in the US to see this totality eclipse, I’m pretty excited to sit in the field next to my house with a yummy eclipse cocktail and watch this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Celebrate The Total Solar Eclipse

Best Place To See The Total Eclipse Map

Below is the map of where the best cities are to catch the total eclipse, along with my favorite things to do there. Cities located on the center line of the map are prime viewing spots for totality. They are also the best spots to see the eclipse for more than just a few seconds of totality. In some areas, you will have three to four minutes of darkness during the solar eclipse.

Photo Credit Texas State Parks

31 Texas State Parks Are In The  Path Of The Eclipse

Eclipse Viewing Sites

Small Towns And Big Cities To View The Solar Eclipse

Small town viewing spots will become some of the largest populations during the total eclipse. Places like Boerne, Uvalde, Fredericksburg, and Kerrville Texas will experience totality. Other cities in the path of the eclipse are larger like Indianapolis, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Cleveland. 

Celebrate The Total Solar Eclipse

Best Places To Stake A Claim For A Solar Eclipse Party

State Parks are one of the best spots to visit for viewing a solar eclipse, but I do suggest getting there early. The Texas State Park by my house has a river that connects to many lakes. Even Boerne Lake is having a kayak party to celebrate this once in a lifetime experience. I would do this, but I have my spot already staked out in the field next to my house. 

Hotel Rooms Are Sold Out

But you may still find some Airbnb’s or why not grab a tent and head to a campground for a great American eclipse viewing location. 

National Eclipse Day

This will be the last total solar eclipse for 20 years. The next total solar eclipse will happen on August 23, 2044. However, you will need to travel north to Montana or the Dakotas for that one.

How Long Will We See The Total Eclipse

Some of the prime location hot spots may get anywhere from 1 – 4 minutes of totality. Places like Uvalde Texas, Little Rock Arkansas, and Plano Texas are great places to plan a long weekend of fun because they are in the direct path of this astronomical event.

Weather Conditions For The Afternoon Of April 8th

So weather permitting the sun will be shining and there will be no cloud cover during the total eclipse of the sun. Though weather forecasts are predicting storms, fingers crossed that we will have clear skies. Check here for updated weather information.

Celebrate The Total Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Viewing Party Ideas

Planning a Solar Eclipse Party if you are in the narrow path of totality is a great way to celebrate the first total solar eclipse for so many. Like I said the best location for me is the field next to my house. We have our eye protection eclipse glasses, our treats, and even an eclipse cocktail ready to go for this cosmic event.

Celebrate The Total Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Party Treats

Create these yummy solar eclipse cookies and krispy treats to enjoy while you wait for the moon’s shadow to cover the sun. You could also set out a bunch of space-related candy like Milky Way bars, or planet gummies to make the party fun.

Items Needed

  • Sugar Cookie Mix
  • Rice Krispy Treats
  • White Frosting
  • Black Food Coloring

Directions For The Eclipse Cookie

  1. ​Bake the sugar cookies in circles.
  2. Let them cool completely.
  3. Mix the black food coloring into the white frosting.
  4. Spread the frosting onto the cookie, leaving an edge to look like the sun. 
  5. Moon Krispy Treat
  6. Rice Krispy Treats
  7. Circle Cookie Cutter
  8. White Frosting
  9. Black Food Coloring

Directions For The Rice Krispy Treat

  1. You can make the Rice Krispy treats, or buy the already-made ones.
  2. Cut circles out of the treats.
  3. Frost the circles with the black frosting, leaving an edge to look like the sun.

Celebrate The Total Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Path Party Game

Get a big cardboard box and create a throwing game with 3 holes. Follow the directions below to create this fun eclipse game.

Items Needed

  • Large Cardboard Box
  • Gray Paint
  • Orange Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • Blue Paint
  • Felt
  • Rice or Beans
  • ​Hot Glue Gun
  • Bowl
  • Scissors


  1. Cut 3 holes of equal size down the middle of the box, these are the holes you will throw the bean bag into, so make them big enough.
  2. Paint the box gray.
  3. Paint around each hole – 1 will be the sun, 2 will be the moon, and 3 will be a planet.
  4. Let the paint dry in between coats.
  5. To create the bean bags, cut the felt into 4″ x 8″ oblong shapes.
  6. Three bean bags for each team.
  7. Fold the felt and hot glue the sides together, be sure to leave a hole big enough to pour the beans in.
  8. Seal up the bean bag after you pour the beans into it.
  9. Keep score of how many holes each team makes.


Celebrate The Total Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse Cocktail

What kind of total eclipse party would it be if you didn’t have a yummy cocktail to celebrate this occasion? Here is a yummy solar eclipse cocktail that can also be turned into a mocktail for the kiddos.

Solar Eclipse Of The Sun Cocktail

This cocktail can be made as a mocktail by omitting the rum.

Items needed

  • Moon Ice Cube (See Instructions Below)
  • Orange Soda
  • Spiced Rum
  • Orange Slice


  1. To make the Moon Ice Cube, you will need a round ice cube mold and black food coloring.
  2. Mix the black food coloring into cold water and pour it into the round mold. Freeze it completely
  3. Make sure your orange soda is cold so the moon ice cube doesn’t melt too fast.
  4. Place the moon ice cube into a rock glass.
  5. Pour 6 – 8 oz of orange soda into a rock glass.
  6. Using the back of a spoon, pour 1 oz of spiced rum over the spoon and into the rock glass.

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Enjoy and Celebrate The Total Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse will be an unforgettable experience that will bring together friends, family, and fellow astronomy enthusiasts to witness this wonder of nature. As we gaze up at the celestial spectacle, we will be reminded of the beauty and complexity of our universe.

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