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DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Made Easy

DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Made Easy

Wrapping gifts for Christmas can make your gift seem spectacular without being a wrapping expert or spending a fortune. And it doesn’t have to be stressful with my DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas made easy. Here are a few quick gift wrapping techniques that will have your family and friends saying “WOW” before they even open their gift.

There are also inexpensive gift wrapping ideas you can create for teachers, hostess or any service company that you want to give a gift to. These are perfect to wrap candy or cookies in. You can also go all in DIY and create a cookie mix or hot cocoa gift for that special someone.

How To Make The Perfect Bow

Items Needed

Wired Christmas Ribbon


Pipe Cleaners

Floral Picks

There are instructions in the Bowdabra box, but you do need to practice. I suggest you make a few bows before you start making them for your gifts. When wrapping the gift, my quick tip to make it special is be sure to crease the edges as you go. After you have tied the ribbon and added your bow, be sure to add a few floral picks with hot glue to finish off your beautiful gift.

Great Hostess or Teacher Gift

Items Needed

Ball Jars

Candy or Cookies (Great Cookie Recipe)

Christmas Scrapbook Paper

Glue Dots

Christmas Ribbon – 1” Wired

Bake your favorite cookie recipe, check out my Mexican Wedding Cakes. To decorate your Ball Jar, you can really get creative. Cut some pretty Christmas scrapbook paper to tape to the jar, or decoupage some glitter onto the jar. Cut out a Christmas symbol or saying for the top of the jar. Add your cookies to the jar. To finish it off, tie a pretty piece of ribbon around the lid of the jar into a bow.

Create a Secret Santa Gift

I created these fun snack jars for my Secret Santa recipient.  They are easy to make and a delicious treat that she will get to enjoy while watching a Christmas movie or to just have out for her holiday guests to enjoy.

Items Needed

Ball Collection Elite Spiral Jars (I used 2)

Christmas Scrapbook Paper

Glue Dots

Christmas Ribbon of Your Choice

Christmas Candy (Have fun with this)

Instant Hot Cocoa

Mini Marshmallows

Decorative Straws

Christmas Stickers

Zipper bag

There are so many ways to decorate your Secret Santa Jar, whether you paint it or use scrapbook paper, the receiver of our gift is going to love it.

Fill the first jar with all the Christmas candy, I filled it in layers, so you could see everything that was in there.  For the second jar, I placed the hot cocoa inside the jar and then added the decorative straws.  Place the marshmallows in a small zipper bag and place them on top of the hot cocoa.

To decorate the top of the jar, I cut out the scrapbook paper to the size of the inner circle of the lid and used the glue dots to stick the paper to the lid.  I then closed the lid and tied a beautiful bow around the lid. This is an easy shoelace bow, be sure to use the wired ribbon for a pretty look.  I add some stickers and a fun Holiday cutout to the outside of the jar.

If you are mailing the Secret Santa Snack Jars, be sure to bubble wrap them before sending them.  I really hope my Secret Santa loves what I created for them.

Making the Perfect Liquor Basket For The Holidays

Items Needed

Create This Yummy White Chocolate Martini Gift Basket

Basket Big Enough To Fit Everything

Enchanted Rock Vodka

Half n Half (Small Containers)

Bailey’s Irish Cream

Crème De Cocoa

Cocoa Powder

Martini Items – Shaker, Ice Cube Tray, Sugars

Martini Glass

Paper crinkles or Tissue Paper

Christmas Ribbon – 3” Wired Works Best

Place the paper crinkles in the bottom of the basket.  Fill the basket with all the items, you can use the tissue paper or a small cardboard box to give the items height. You can use shrink wrap, but I like to just tie a bow around the basket, so the recipient can see everything in it. Be sure to type up the recipe for the cocktail so they know what they are making.

How to create Homemade Wrapping Paper

Items Needed

Printed pictures (you can get these from the computer, be sure to print the on regular paper)

Americana Decou Page

Sponge brush

Americana Writers

Scotch tape

Decorative Ribbon

Big roll of white or brown paper

First, copy your pictures onto a Microsoft word document, or something similar.  Be sure not to make the pictures to big.  Next, roll out enough paper to wrap your gift, and then print and cut out the pictures you will be using.  Using the sponge brush, paint a layer of decou page onto the back side of the picture and stick it to the paper roll.  It’s fun to place the pictures randomly on the paper.  After all of the pictures are pasted to the paper, outline them with the Writers.  I use the twinkles in red and the gold and red writers.  Let the paint dry overnight.  Wrap your gift with your beautiful paper and finish it off with a decorative ribbon and bow, you could even add a floral pic the package.

How to Wrap That Difficult Gift

Items Needed

Wrapping Paper

Wired Christmas Ribbon – Preferably White

Scotch Tape

Packing Paper or Butcher Paper

Packing Tape

Whether it is a football or a baseball bat, you don’t always have to put it in a box before you wrap it. You can wrap the football to look like a piece of Christmas candy and you can wrap the bat to look like a candy cane. Here is how:

Cut the wrapping paper about 5 inches longer then the football on each side. Tape the wrapping paper to the side of the football, as if you were going to wrap it as normal. Twist the sides, leaving the ends kind of bunchy.  Tie it off with some fun wired ribbon.

For the candy cane baseball bat, crunch up some butcher paper to look like the tip of the candy cane and tape it to the bat. Wrap the bat/candy cane with red wrapping paper and use the ribbon to swirl around it to look like a candy cane. You can use a different color of ribbon to tie a pretty bow to the middle of the gift.

Merry Christmas to you all and remember, giving is easy, and doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Just get creative and have fun.

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