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Happy National Hot Dog Day

Creating The Perfect Hot Dog Bar

Happy National Hot Dog Day. Did you know that it is almost every city in the United States has it’s favorite hot dog. My favorite is the Chicago dog, I think the celery salt is what puts the finishing touch on it for me. Below are a few of the different cities signature hot dogs, what is your favorite? This hot dog bar is perfect to add to your DIY Memorial Day Party Ideas.

Happy National Hot Dog Day

Chicago Hot Dog

Yes, there are a lot of things going on with this hot dog, but it is hands down my favorite.

  • A Chicago-style hot dog is an all-beef hot dog on a poppy seed bun.
  • Next you top it with yellow mustard.
  • Then chopped white onions.
  • If you can find it, add bright green sweet pickle relish, I usually make my own relish.
  • A dill pickle spear is a must for this hot dog.
  • Followed by tomato slices.
  • Some people put pickled peppers, but I don’t like these.
  • And of course it’s not a Chicago dog without the dash of celery salt.

Detroit Hot Dog

These hot dogs are similar to “Coney Dogs”.

  • Detroit Style “Coney Dogs” start with a steamed hotdog on a soft bun.
  • Next you top it with no-bean beef chili.
  • Follow that up with yellow mustard.
  • And finely diced white onion to finish it off.

Happy National Hot Dog Day

San Francisco Hot Dog

This hot dog is a take on a BLT.

  • Start this yummy one off with all-beef hot dog.
  • Top it with bacon, the crispy the better, if you feel up to it, you could wrap it with bacon instead.
  • Next you add mayonnaise, I prefer Kewpie mayo, it is hands down the best.
  • Finish it off with lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

Happy National Hot Dog Day

New York Hot Dog

The New York style hot dog is probably the most famous hot dog, and I wish I would have had one when I was on my 30 day 30 state trip there.

  • This hot dog starts with a simple regular hot dog, steamed of course.
  • Then you top it with a spicy brown mustard.
  • This is where you lose some people, you add sauerkraut, good thing I love that stuff.
  • Next you finish it off with sautéed onions.
  • Finally, if you have it, add tomato paste, I would just add ketchup, which would probably upset New Yorkers.

Atlanta Hot Dog

  • This is definitely a Southern hot dog, and it sounds devine.
  • You can grill up that beef frank, or fry it in a pan.
  • Next add some good ole’ Southern chili.
  • Southerners do love their coleslaw, which goes on next.
  • Then finish it off with mustard and onions.

Arizona (Tucson or Phoenix) Hot Dog

I guess this hot dog is popular throughout Arizona, if you like it hot, you will love this one.

  • You going to want to grill this all beef frank, but be sure to wrap it in bacon first.
  • Next you’re going to add pinto beans. Now I may add refried beans to make it easier, but I bet it taste better with straight up homemade pinto beans.
  • Be sure to add some things to cool it off, like Mayonnaise, I would use Kewpie again for this.
  • Finish it off with some onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos, yep, they like it hot.

Happy National Hot Dog Day

Wisconsin Hot Dog (Bratwurst)

You read that right. Bratwurst are what is popular in this northern state.

  • Start with your favorite bratwurst, I suggest you grill it for the best flavor.
  • Then it is very important that you get the right kind of bun. They love their toasted hard rolls up there, be sure you butter it.
  • Spicy mustard is called for on this one, NO ketchup, apparently that is offensive, haha.
  • Finish it off with sweet pickles and sauerkraut.

Happy National Hot Dog Day

Dallas Corn Dog

Because everything is bigger in Texas, the Big State Fair in Dallas dictates what they love.

This is probably the easiest hot dog to get, they have them in the freezer department at most stores. I love mine with mustard only, how do you like yours? But is you want to, you can find many recipes for how to make your own corn dogs. Here is a take on some mini corn dogs I made.

Happy National Hot Dog Day is part of a growing National Days Calendar. To find more National Days check out this website.

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