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Thanksgiving DIY Decor and Treats

Thanksgiving DIY Decor and Treats

There is so much to be thankful for this year, my health, my family, my friends, my fur babies, and my ability to do what I love and create a business with what I do. These fun and easy Thanksgiving DIY Decor and Treats ideas are fun for everyone. Be sure to have fun this holiday season, it goes by quick.

Turkey Door Hanger

Items Needed

Styrofoam Circle

Americana Brown Acrylic Paint

Americana Black Paint Pen

Tulle in Orange, Brown and Yellow

Red and Orange Fun Foam

Hot Glue Gun

Sponge Brush

Styrofoam Balls, 1 Large and 2 Small

Paint the large Styrofoam ball with the brown paint and let it dry for about an hour. Cut about 50, 3 inch wide strips of each color of tulle. Tie the orange tulle, doubled up, around the Styrofoam circle. Next tie the yellow and then the brown, tie one color of tulle strip at a time. After all the tulle is tied onto the Styrofoam circle, then trim the tulle to about 3″ tall.  This will fluff the tulle up.  Paint black dots onto the small Styrofoam balls and glue them to the turkey head. Cut a beak out of the orange fun foam, then a gobbler out of the red fun foam and glue them onto the turkey head.

Turkey Lollipop

Items Needed

Tootsie Pops

Burlap (need 4×4 squares)

Orange Thin Ribbon

Construction Paper (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green)

Glue Dots

Small Wiggle Eyes

First, cut the burlap into 4×4 squares and wrap it around the Tootsie pop.  Tie a bow with the orange ribbon to hold the burlap on. Cut feathers out of the construction paper, about 3 inches tall. Be sure to cut a circle about 1 inch around out of any color of paper. Using the glue dots, stick the feathers onto the paper circle and then glue the paper circle onto the back of the tootsie pop. Cut a beak out of orange and a gobbler red construction paper. Use the glue dots to stick the beak, wiggle eyes and gobbler onto the front of the tootsie pop.

Turkey Placesetting

Items Needed

Used Corks

Pipe Cleaners in Red, Orange, Yellow and Green

Wiggle Eyes

Construction Paper in Red and Orange

Glue Dots

Using your finger or a pencil, wrap the pipe cleaner around until it looks like a spring.  Poke 4 holes into the top of the cork so that the pipe cleaners go in easier. Stick the pipe cleaners into the cork, this represents the feathers.  Using the glue dots, stick the wiggle eyes to the front of the cork. Then cut a beak and gobbler out of the construction paper and glue them to the front of the cork.  Cut a square out of the construction paper and using the paint marker, write a guests name on the paper for each guest. Be sure to make a cork turkey for each guest.

Pumpkin Pie Garland

Items Needed

Orange Felt

Cream Felt

White Pom Pom

Hemp String or Twine

Hot Glue Gun

First cut 10 triangle about 3 – 4 inches tall out of the orange felt.  Next, cut 1/2″ strips out of the cream colored felt. Place the twine on top of the orange triangle and place a bit of hot glue on top of that.  Place the edge of the cream colored strip on the hot glue and place another dot of hot glue about a 1/2″ down and fold the cream on top of that dot of glue, you are creating the crust of the pie, do this until the strip is completely rippled on top of the pie. Lastly, glue the white pom pom in the middle of the pie, this is the whipped cream.  You can make this garland as long as you need, just add more pies, keep them about 2 inches apart.

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