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A Happy Healthy Holiday

A Happy Healthy HolidayIs your gut healthy, mine was not. I ended up at the doctors office where they ran tests, many, many tests. What did those tests show? They showed that I had a very unhealthy gut. All of this started a couple months ago, and I knew I wanted to have a happy healthy holiday. How could I solve this gut problem, how could I start feeling better?

Do Your Research

I started doing my own research to find out how I could start feeling better. The doctor gave me a lot of things to try, like diets and pills, and exercise routines. I started doing these things, and taking the pills the doctors gave me, which were helping. A company called Seed reached out to me and I knew this might be the solution I was looking for. 

A Happy Healthy Holiday

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy was the first step to a happy healthy holiday. I started juicing and taking a vitamins, and I started taking a prebiotic/probiotic from Seed. First I noticed that I wasn’t getting as sick to my stomach after eating. I noticed that the bloating I use to get after every meal  started to go away. 

Seed University

Part of working with Seed was learning all about what probiotics and prebiotics are and how they help you. How do probiotics and prebiotics help your gut, and make you feel better? I was able to attend Seed University, and I learn a lot. Did you know that there is good bacteria and bad bacteria? And getting good bacteria in your system actually helps your gut, and you feel better.

  • Live microorganisms

    • This refers to strains of beneficial bacteria that are consumed. ‘Live’ is a critical word here, and in science, we refer to this as ‘survivability’. To confer benefits, microorganisms must survive the many stages of digestion (think stomach acid and bile), past the small intestine, and make it into the colon, where their work begins.
  • Adequate amounts

    • Each probiotic is associated with an effective dosage, and this dosage is arrived at through clinical study.
  • Health benefit

    • You’ve taken some live bacteria in the right amounts. Are they actually doing anything for you? To satisfy the definition of a probiotic, the live cultures must demonstrate a proven health benefit. This means each specific strain (not just the species) must have been clinically studied and shown to be beneficial.
  • Host

    • That’s you! 

How do probiotics work? (

We first need to clear up a common misconception: that probiotics have to colonize your gut and alter the composition of your microbiome to be effective. That’s not true:

  1. Probiotics typically don’t take up residence in your gut. Most probiotics don’t contain enough new bacteria to make a significant difference in the composition of your microbiota.
  2. We don’t know enough about the safety of introducing colonizing microbes. Large numbers of newcomers moving in and displacing your existing bacteria could alter the unique balance of your ecosystem. 

What scientists do know is that, as transient microbes, probiotics travel through your colon, interacting with your immune cells, gut cells, dietary nutrients, and existing bacteria to, directly and indirectly, deliver benefits. Some enhance the gene expressions involved in tight junction signaling, which help protect against intestinal permeability—this means a tight gut barrier. Others trigger neurotransmitters that stimulate muscle contractions for increased motility—think, better, more regular poops. 

Healthy Past The Holidays

Was I looking for a quick fix, or a one and done? No, I was looking for a healthy lifestyle, and making Seed part of my lifestyle is definitely one of the best things I have done for myself. I encourage you to get healthy if you want to have a healthy happy holiday. 

A Happy Healthy Holiday

Check Out Seed And Get The Black Friday Discount

There is so much more information on the Seed website, and be sure to use my discount link and code to get yourself started with a healthy happy holiday. 

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