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Blanco Texas Road Trip

The town of Blanco Texas has always been one of those towns we would drive through and say, “we should come here sometime and check it out”. We finally did just that. Our Blanco Texas Road Trip was closer then we thought, I guess it just seemed far away because it was always the last town we would drive through on our way home. 

Blanco Texas Road Trip

Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss It

Blanco Texas is definitely a small town, but it’s much bigger then we thought it was. I always joke about the town I grew up in being so small that if you blink you’ll miss it. Well, Blanco was much bigger then that. I guess we never looked left or right as we were passing through town, because we never saw all the stores, restaurants, breweries, and wineries that surrounded the town square.

Blanco Texas Road Trip

Checking Out The Local Breweries

We started our tour of Blanco with the local brewery, Real Ale. It was packed, or we thought it was, because we saw a lot of cars in the parking lot. But this place was huge, great outdoor seating, huge tap room, and a big stage for live music. They weren’t offering flights of beer, which was disappointing, but the server said they would hopefully start that back up soon.


Blanco Texas Road Trip

I got a Strawberry Shortcake IPA and the hubs got a Trippel Devils Backbone. I loved the names of the beers on the menu, and the beer I got was really good.

Blanco Texas Road Trip

Best BBQ In Town

I don’t know if it truly is the best BBQ in town, but if there is one better then what we had, Blanco is the place for BBQ. We decided to stop in at the Old 300 BBQ to check out what smelled so good. They had a huge selection of different meats, sides, and desserts to choose from. The hubs got his go to brisket poor boy. Because I had already eaten right before we headed there, I opted for a side of cream corn and smoked cheesecake. I will admit that I am not a huge BBQ fan, I’m really not a huge meat fan in general. But WOW, I tasted the “burnt ends” off of the hubs sandwich and seriously, that was one of the best bites of meat I have ever had. 

Blanco Texas Road Trip

Smoked Cheesecake

You read that right, I got a slice of their smoked cheesecake. It came with a side of blueberries in sauce and it was so good. Probably some of the best cheesecake I have ever had. I know I have said that about a few things we ate at Old 300 BBQ, but it was really an amazing experience.

Blanco Texas Road Trip

Another Brewery Experience

Not that I would have traded that smoked cheesecake for another dessert, but I do wish I would have left some room for one of the desserts at our next stop. Next we headed over to the Texas Cannon Brewing Company. They had a large selection of beers, ciders, and sangrias. I got the Texas blonde, and the hubs got the local lager. We wish we would have gotten a flight, but didn’t realize they had that available until after we ordered. The Texas blonde was light and refreshing, and the lager had a nice hoppy finish to it.

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Blanco Texas Road Trip

A Little Shopping On The Way Out Of Town

There was a cute little shop next to the brewery, I had to stop in there before we headed out of town. Our Blanco Texas Road Trip would not have been complete without a little shopping, and the Collector’s Hideaway did not disappoint. They had a large selection of cute clothes, trinkets and even some beautiful furniture. In the back of the shop were really cute gift ideas for kids, and some yummy seasonings and preserves. 

Blanco Texas Road Trip

We Will Be Taking Another Blanco Texas Road Trip

Had we known that Blanco Texas had so much to offer, we would have given ourselves more time to explore. We have already planned another Blanco Texas road trip. We can’t wait to check out a few wineries, another restaurant, and some of the antique shops we saw. There was a river too, the Blanco River. That is definitely on our list to visit on our next trip there.

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