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DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The day that mom’s wait for all year is just around the corner. But, you don’t have to spend a fortune to show mom how much you love her. All mom’s love gifts from the heart, and mom’s love chocolate and spa days too. You can create these DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, with just a few items from your local craft store, grocery store, and one of my favorite stores, Soft Surroundings.

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mom’s Spa Day

I love a great massage or facial, but I don’t always have the time to head to the spa. This Spa Day For Mom is the perfect gift to give mom a special day all for herself. I created it with a box I got from a craft store, and products that Soft Surroundings sent me to try out.

  • Spa Day For Mom
  • Craft Box
  • Spa Products, Face Mask, Hand Warmer
  • Facial Products – Skin Care, Makeup
  • Scrunchy paper
  1. Place the scrunchy paper in the bottom of the box and fill the box with all the goodies you got for mom.

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Candy Tool Box For Mom

Who doesn’t want a candy tool box. I know I love this gift, it was great for when I got the munchies while driving long distance on the road. I got the tool box at the local hardware store, but you can get them at the grocery store, craft store or even the dollar store.

  • Tool Box
  • Many Kinds Of Candy
  • Pretty Ribbon To Create Bow
  1. Place all the candy in each separate section of the tool box.
  2. Create a shoelace bow for the top of the box.

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Breakfast in a Cup For Mother’s Day

This is a great gift for mom that won’t cost you a lot of money. I created each cup for under $2. You just need to head to your local Dollar Store and your local grocery store.

  • White Mug
  • Americana Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush (get a thin one so you can use the end tip.
  • Mug Treats, or any kind of Mug Cake Mix
  • Pencil
  1. Draw a design on the mug with the pencil, I drew a heart.
  2. Using the end of the paint brush, dip it in the paint and place dots on the pattern on the mug.
  3. Let it dry overnight.
  4. Follow instructions on the mug cake.

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