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Fall Road Trip Must Haves

Fall Road Trip Must Haves

Fall is here, well, the season is here, and when September 1st arrives, I get all the fall feels. I want fallen leaves, apple spice, and I want to hit the road for some fall travel. There are a few fall road trip must haves that everyone should pack for a fun and successful adventure. A few of these must haves came from a poll I did on social media, and one of them is my absolute must have.

Fall Road Trip Must Haves

#1 Fall Road Trip Must Have Is A Great Vehicle

My absolute must have for any road trip, and especially a fall road trip is a great vehicle. I am a Jeep girl, I’m actually on my 4th Jeep since 1995. The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L 4×4 Overland that I reviewed for Jeep was the perfect road trip vehicle. First off, it has 3 rows, which means a lot of extra space for all of my road trip gear, and the girls of course. Their doggy car seats fit perfect in this Jeep, along with all of the travel gear I need for them.

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L 4×4 Overland Facts

  • 3 Rows of Seating
  • The Class-Exclusive Quadra-Lift® Air Suspension with electronic adaptive damping automatically lowers the vehicle at highway speeds to help with drag or raises the vehicle. With Best-in-Class available ground clearance, Summit gets 10.9 inches of clearance to ride over rocky terrain or deep snow. (This was my favorite Feature
  • 5.7-Liter V-8 With VVT and Fuel Saer Technology
  • 8-Speed Automatic
  • 357 Horsepower
  • 18-in. BSW Off Road Tires
  • Active Driving Assist System
  • Night Vision with Pedestrian and Animal Detection (This is an awesome feature for road tripping at night)
  • ParkSense Front and Rear Park-Assist with Stop
  • 360-Degree Surround View Camera System
  • Wireless Charging Pad (Great for when you forget your charging cords)
  • Integrated Off-Road Camera (Great for seeing where you are about to off-road to)
  • Interior Rear-Facing Camera (Perfect for checking on the kids or the pups)
  • 19-Speaker 950-Watt McIntosh Audio System
  • Uconnect 5 Navigation with 10.1 Inch Display
  • Maximum Towing Capacity of 7200 lbs

#2 Fall Road Trip Must Have Would Be Coffee (Should Be #1)

This fall road trip must have really should be my number one, you all know I love my coffee. The plug in coffee mug warmer is a great find from Amazon. Sure, you may be able to find one somewhere else, but it was easy to order, and works great.

# 3 Fall Road Trip Must Have Is Great Boots For The Hike 

Good shoes or boots are a definite “Must Have” for any trip. I always take either my hiking boots, or my water boots, it depends on where I am going. If all you are going to do is walk, make sure you have great walking shoes, and that they are broken in. Nothing is worse then walking 5 miles in pair of shoes for the first time, band aids will be your best friend if you do.


Fall Road Trip Must Have #4 A Map

Grab your map… Always, always, always take a paper map of the area you are going to be in. When I did my 30 days 30 states road trip, I learned this tip the hard way. I had a great GPS on the truck I was driving, but guess what, that GPS doesn’t work in northern New Hampshire. We were trying to get to Maine and ended up 1 mile away from Canada. Our 3 hour road trip turned into a 6 hour excursion, we were very thankful for the paper map that the New Hampshire road side welcome center gave us.


#5 Fall Road Trip Must Have Is A Hat

You must have a hat. I don’t care if you usually wear a hat or not, if you are on a road trip, especially in the fall, bring a hat. I learned this tip the hard way. On my 10 day 10 state Pacific Northwest trip, the temperatures were pretty decent, until they weren’t. Luckily I was able to purchase a hat at one of our stops, at a hefty price of course. I bring two kinds of hats now, a baseball hat that I can loop around a belt hook or my backpack, and a fancier hat for when I am going into a restaurant or event. Either way, a hat will help keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes. It will hide a bad hair day, and keep the bugs off your head.


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Fall Road Trip Must Haves

#6 The Jacket You Take Is Important

Depending on where you are traveling to, a jacket is a Fall Road Trip Must Have. Dress in layers, if you ask anyone that travels, that is what they will say. It doesn’t matter if you are going south, north, east, or west, bring layers. I always bring a sweatshirt, light jacket, heavy jacket, and a light sweater. T-shirts are important for layering too.


#7 Fall Road Trip Must Have – Drinks And Munchies

Snacks and drinks are definitely a road trip must have, but cold water and healthy snacks usually require a cooler. I love not wasting money on crappy food, so I always pack healthy snacks and drinks for the road. If you have a cooler that plugs into your vehicle that is even better.


#8 Fall Road Trip Must Have – A Warm Blanket

Growing up in Michigan taught me what the most important things to keep in your car at all times are. A warm blanket is always a must have, especially in the wintertime. I found this awesome plug-in blanket that is perfect for a good nights sleep in your car, or even to keep your passengers warm while you drive.


Fall Road Trip Must Haves

#9 Fall Road Trip Must Have Is An Emergency Kit

This kind of goes with the #8 must have, but safety is very important when on the road. Always have a flashlight, first-aid kit, jumper cables, and a few other things in your car when traveling. I also have a Road Assistance membership, that has saved me a couple of times while on a road trip.

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#10 Fall Road Trip Must Have Is A Camera

Take only memories, leave only footprints. That is a quote that I think about every time I go on a road trip. It’s amazing what our phones can do for us now. They can navigate where we are going, keep us in touch with the outside world. And they can capture memories, and share them with our loved ones and friends. Always take your phone, and a charging cable, another great thing would be a solar panel charging block. I do, however take my big camera when I plan on shooting some amazing scenery. It’s always good to have a backup. I have a Cannon T3 that is lightweight and easy to carry, and a Cannon T7 DSLR that is great for shooting video and amazing shots


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