Make This Your Best Year

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The New Year brings the chance and the choice to change or not change. Let the bad flow away and the New Year brighten your day.
If you want to do and be better because it’s a new year, then do and be better. If you love the path, you are already on, then walk on my friend. Just make this your best year ever.

This Thing Called Life

This thing we call life is a wonderful, spectacular, and amazing thing, and you only get one. Go on that trip, chase that waterfall, get that job, take that hike, buy those shoes, run that marathon.
Each new year brings the excitement of trying new things, being a new you, and enjoying life to its fullest. Find Your Joy, Live That Amazing Life, and have a very Happy New Year.

Things To Make This Your Best Year

You don’t have to have a lot to kick off a great new year. A few items to keep you organized, help you budget, and relieve that stress is really all you need.

The Perfect Planner

Don’t try to plan out your whole year. Things change so much these days at a drop of a hat. Try to put in the important things, the things that won’t change easily. The yearly doctor appointments, meal planning, kid’s events, work events, friend events. Always give yourself time with your friends, this is very important. And remember, it’s ok if something has to change on your planner, this is how things are now, we have to be ok with change.

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Plan Your Budget

Pick a day of the week, have a cup of tea, and plan out your budget for the month, pay your bills, allocate the monies for the groceries, gas, and entertainment, and treat your savings account like a bill. There are a lot of resources online to choose from when it comes to budgeting. A lot of free resources don’t spend a lot of money trying to save money, that is my budget savings tip number 1. There are also helpful apps, just like the diet apps, there are finance apps to help you, again, don’t spend a lot trying to create a budget, pen and paper is sometimes the best resource.

Make This Your Best Year

Relieve The Stress Of The New Year

The first of the new year can be stressful. The holidays are over, and a lot of people go through a low after all the hype of the holidays. Give yourself a day or two to recoup from all the craziness. Have a cup of tea from Catspring Yaupon.  Do a home spa or pedicure, do some stretches, plan out the new year. Give yourself the time each day to relax, even if it is for only 15 minutes a day.

What Is Yaupon

Simply, the only caffeinated plant native to North America. Consumed for millennia by many indigenous people groups, yaupon has been largely forgotten for the last few centuries. With CatSpring Yaupon, they sustainably wild harvest this incredible, left behind resource in Cat Spring, Texas.

CatSpring Yaupon Is A Truly Sustainable Brand

American…Texan Made

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    1. Thank you so much, I know, how is it 2022 already. Time to start planning an awesome year. 🙂 And those teas are amazing.

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