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Summer Backyard Flower Box

Have you been to a home improvement store lately? Gardening is in the air. With everyone staying home they are finding other ways to keep themselves busy. Like creating this summer backyard flower box, or building a fire pit. I have also started gardening, and am actually growing things. 
Summer Backyard Flower Box

Add A Little DIY To Your Backyard

I decided to start redoing my whole backyard, but I wanted to add a few DIY touches to things. This summer backyard flower box is not only easy to create, but it won’t bust the bank. You can create it with old wood scraps you may have, or you can purchase some fence pickets and create it for under $10, including the plants.
Summer Backyard Flower Box

Hire A Pro For The Hard Things

I have always wanted a fire pit in my backyard, but I just didn’t have the strength to create one. It was pretty hard to believe I found a guy on a local app that did such an amazing job.
Summer Backyard Flower Box
I already had the supplies, so he only charged me for the labor. This is one way to save when getting projects done.
Summer Backyard Flower Box
This fire pit can be created almost anywhere in your yard. Just be sure to use good bricks and lava rocks to keep it safe. 

Summer Backyard Flower Box

Planting Flowers Or Vegetables

This summer backyard flower box will become very addictive. You can create the in all different sizes, and plant everything from flowers to vegetables in it.

Items Needed

  • Treated fence picket or 1”x 3 ½” x 6’ piece of wood
  • Small 1” or 1 ½” long particle board screws
  • Impact Driver or Drill
  • Small drill bit
  • Small Phillips head drill tip
  • Miracle Grow soil
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Measuring tape


  1. If you don’t have a saw to cut the wood yourself, you can head over to Lowe’s and they will cut it for free, or a minimal cost, if you buy the wood from them. 
  2. Each fence picket or piece of wood ranges from $1.48 – $3.00, this is a very in-expensive project.
  3. While you are at Lowe’s you can pick up the Miracle Grow soil and the pretty flowers. 
  4. The measurements that I used for my flower box are 22” long sides and bottom and the ends are 3 1/2” x 2 7/8”.  
  5. Place the 3 long pieces of wood together and place the small pieces of wood at each end, this is how you will be putting it together. 
  6. Using the impact drill, drill a hole into each end of the wood where it will go into the bottom piece of the wood.
  7. Then place a screw in the hole and using the Phillips head bit, screw it into the wood. 
  8. Do this step at the top of each end of a long board and to the end pieces. 
  9. Once your flower box is built, fill it with soil and place your flowers into it.  
  10. Be sure to follow the instructions on your flowers so you can enjoy them year around. 

Create A Summer DIY Windchime

Summer Backyard Flower Box

How I Got Addicted To Gardening

I am actually gowning vegetables in my backyard. If you know me at all, I usually kill everything I try to grow, and Mother Nature was really working against me. Between a huge hail storm and over 100 degree temperatures, I really didn’t think I would grow anything. But I did, and I created my first meal with some of the vegetables I grew.

Summer Backyard Flower Box

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