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Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Every Mom Will Love

1. Mothers Day Breakfast Basket Gift Idea

Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Every Mom Will Love

Shopping for mom can be one of the hardest things to do because she does everything for us. Being a mom myself, one of my hardest questions to answer is when my son asks me what I would like for mother’s day.  My answer is usually, a clean house, a day at the spa, a cocktail on the patio, you know, the things we as moms never really get. I asked a few mom friends, and these are the top 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas every mom will love.

Using What You Have And Shopping At Fun Stores

These fun and easy DIY gift ideas for mom can be created by using what you have and shopping at fun stores. From fun flower and plant containers to a spa gift jar or a cocktail basket to even a yummy breakfast basket, these gifts are sure to make mom happy, oh and don’t forget to clean the house for her, even if for only that one day, it will make her happier then you can ever imagine.

Breakfast Basket or Bloody Mary Basket

Items Needed (I purchased most of the items at World Market)

Basket (large enough for all of your items)

Coffee cup

Small package of coffee

Coffee flavorings

Orange juice

Milk jar with straw (found these at Target in the dollar area)

Small bottle of Champaign

Pancake mix

Small syrup

Candies of your choice

Small skillet

Spring/Summer Floral bush

Crinkle for fluffing

1.2 Mothers Day Bloody Mary Basket Gift Idea

Items Needed for the Bloody Mary Basket

Mini Vodka’s (My vodka choice is always Enchanted Rock)

Small cans of Clamato

Small jar of olives or pickles

Small size of tabasco

Crinkle cut


Floral Bush

Glass Milk Jars (found at Target in the dollar section)

This basket was so fun to create, mainly because I put items that I would love to have in it, but also because I know other moms would love it too.  It is very easy to create, first you will fill the bottom of the basket with the crinkle filler, you will want to move and fluff the crinkle as you place the items in the basket.  Next, bend the stem of the floral bush and place it to the back side of the basket, this will help hold up some of the items.  Now, just start placing the items in the basket, start with the larger items first.  I place the small skillet towards the back and then fluffed the crinkle to hold up the coffee cup.  Now just place all of the rest of the items in the basket, you can use glue dots to hold items in place too.  You can place a ribbon around it if you would like, I left my basket open.

Use the same directions as the breakfast basket, for the Bloody Mary Basket

2. Mother’s Day Spa and Slippers Gift Idea

Spa Jar or Slippers

Items Needed

Mom’s favorite spa items

Fingernail polish

Polish remover

Cotton balls

Fingernail kit

Tin Can, Glass Jar or fuzzy slippers

Pretty ribbon (at least an inch thick and with wire)

Large flower

Glue dots

Fuzzy Slippers are my favorite gift any time of the year, especially if they come with spa products in them.  First tie the slippers together with the pretty ribbon and tie a bow to finish it off.  Place the spa products inside the foot holes of the slippers and add a flower to the top with a glue dot.

For the Mason jar spa kit and the tin container spa kit, fill the bottom with cotton balls and then fill the container with spa products.  Finish it off with a pretty ribbon and bow and a flower.

Plant Containers

Items Needed

Tin Can

Mason Jar

Americana Chalky Paint

Wired Ribbon (at least 1” thick)

Flower or butterflies

Glue Dots

Floral Rope

Hot glue gun

Clean out the can and let it dry completely.  Paint the outside of the can with 2 coats of Americana Chalky paint; let it dry at least 20 minutes between coats.  Use the hot glue gun to decorate the can with floral rope and a flower or butterfly. Fill the can half way with soil and place a plant in it.  Be sure to water the flower regularly.

Use the same directions to create the mason jar plant container.

4. Mother’s Day Herb Garden Gift Idea

Herb Garden

Items Needed (Items that I used were donated by Lowe’s Home Improvement and Deco Art)

3 different sizes of clay pots

1 bag of soil

6-7 herbs you can do seeds or plants

Americana Patio Paint (Your choice of color, at least 3 different colors)

Sponge brush

Popsicle sticks

Deco Art Paint Marker (Black)

Paint each clay pot with a different color, you may need to paint 2-3 coats of paint, be sure to let them dry at least 10 minutes between coats.  You can leave the clay pots like this or you can add decorative ribbon or floral rope.  Be sure to adhere it with a water proof glue or silicone if you will be putting the herb garden outside.  Paint the Popsicle sticks with one of the colors of patio paint and let it dry completely.  Write what herb is in the clay pots on each stick.

Next, fill the big clay pot halfway with soil and t then place the next smaller size of clay pot in the big clay pot towards the back and then fill the opening of the large clay pot with three herbs of your choice.  Next, fill the second smaller clay pot halfway with soil and place the smallest clay pot inside of it towards the back.  Place 2 more herbs into the medium sized clay pot towards the front, finish it off with one herb on top, be sure to place the painted Popsicle sticks in the dirt to go with each herb.  You can also paint a clay saucer to go underneath all of the clay pots.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the herbs to keep them alive.

A Clean House

A clean house, this was the top gift wanted by pretty much all moms for Mother’s Day. It’s not that hard and won’t cost a dime. Do this for mom, at least this once. Clean a room, the bathrooms are always the least favorite room to clean for moms. But if you can, clean the whole house, you may even get a tear out of her.

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