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Wine On Tap With Boxxle


Cocktail time with the neighbors just got a whole lot better with the bag-in-box wine dispenser Boxxle. If you are a wine lover and love your boxed wine but hate how hard it is to pour the wine, then have your wine on tap with Boxxle. It keeps your wine fresh longer and dispenses wine by the glass without waste.

Wine On Tap With Boxxle

Helping The Environment One Box Of Wine At A Time

While Boxxle keeps your wine fresh for several weeks. It has some incredible environmental benefits, too! Boxed wine produces less than half the carbon footprint of glass bottles because glass wine bottles require more energy to produce and transport. And Bag-in-Box wine packages have at least 85% less packaging waste than glass bottles. The boxes are 100% recyclable, and the empty bags can be recycled where number 7’s are accepted.

Wine On Tap With Boxxle

Wine Technology

The new technology of the Boxxle is the perfect solution for a box of wine. Previously, the difficulty of bringing boxed wines to the edge of the countertop was maneuvering them while you hold a wine glass and try to pour your wine. Boxxle fixes that problem!

Wine On Tap With Boxxle

Boxxle Looks Great On Your Cabinet

Premium Boxed Wine is one of the fastest growing wine segments. Boxxle, is a handsomely designed, counter-top, premium wine dispenser, that conveniently dispenses wine by-the-glass whenever you need it. Boxxle holds 3-litres of boxed-wine (equal to four 750ml bottles) – that’s about 20 glasses of wine! The wine stays fresh for several weeks, so you can enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about spoilage or waste.

Wine On Tap With Boxxle

The Boxxle Is A Great Value

Boxxle is a great value! The average bottle of wine in the U.S. costs about $15 and pours about 5 glasses of wine. The average boxed wine, which holds the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine, costs about $20. That’s 20 glasses of wine for $20, which is $1 per glass. And the quality of boxed wine is as good as or better than the average $15 bottle.

Wine On Tap With Boxxle

How To Use Boxxle

To use the Boxxle, take the bag of wine out of the box, and turn the spigot 180 degrees so it faces downward. Next, press down the wine bottle dispenser inside the Boxxle and insert the bag of wine. Be sure that the wine spout is placed inside the open space and that the nozzle is facing downward. Tear off the protective strip on the wine nozzle and place the rim of the glass under it. 

Wine On Tap With Boxxle

Use Your Favorite Boxed Wine

You can use red wine or white wine in the Boxxle. The quality of boxed wines has really impressed wine drinkers. The Boxxle is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite wines like a cabernet sauvignon or pinot grigio.

Wine On Tap With Boxxle

Just The Facts To Have Your Wine On Tap With Boxxle

  • Building a Better 3-Liter Wine Box Dispenser
  • No lifting or bringing to the edge of the counter.
  • Made from high-grade ABS plastic.
  • Designed to dispense bag-in-box wine.

Wine On Tap With Boxxle

Perfect For Gift Giving

The Boxxle makes a perfect gift for your favorite wine lover. You could create a beautiful wine gift basket with the Boxxle, a few decorative wine glasses, and your favorite boxed wine. You could also add a charcuterie kit with your favorite boxed wine.

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