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An Italian Feast In Branson

An Italian Feast In BransonI Found an Italian Feast In Branson

An Italian Feast In Branson

Did you know that there is amazing Italian food in Branson, MO? We were staying at the Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center for a few days. Our dinner was a an Italian feast in Branson Florentine’s.

An Italian Feast In Branson

It All Begins With The Bread

As most Italian restaurants do, Florentine’s brings out fresh bread and dipping oil. But there is something amazing about the spices that they put in their dipping oil. More on this later, it really makes my meal.

An Italian Feast In Branson

The Best Italian Nachos I Have Ever Had

I have to be honest here, I got to visit Florentine’s last year when I was invited to Branson for a visit. Well, I couldn’t wait to get back for these amazing nachos. They fall somewhere between heaven and the best food I have ever had.  With the perfectly cooked chicken to the balsamic vinegar reduction, the flavors are popping everywhere.

An Italian Feast In Branson

Italian Food and Being Gluten Free

Yes, you can eat great Italian food when you are gluten free. I was given a wonderfully seasoned piece of grilled chicken and seasoned green beans. The flavors were amazing, especially after I put that really yummy dipping oil all over it. The salad was an bowl full of great flavors too.

An Italian Feast In Branson

Wonderful Italian Cocktails

We didn’t enjoy cocktails on this trip, we ate for lunch. But I really wanted to share the tasty cocktails that Florentine’s offers on their dinner menu.

An Italian Feast In Branson

Martini Flight

From fruity cocktails to yummy martinis, they were all perfecto’.

An Italian Feast In Branson

Finish Your Meal Off With Dessert

It was hard to choose which dessert I wanted. I was so happy when they told me that the gelato was gluten free.

An Italian Feast In Branson

Let Them Eat Cake At An Italian Feast In Branson

My husband, however, chose the marbled cake.

For more information on Florentine’s, visit their website at


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