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Best Tech Gadgets Under $50 That Are Super Helpful

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Electronics have become more important in the last year and a half then pretty much anything else. Working from home, kids schooling from home, and even the TV segments I do are done in my home. Over the last year and a half I have tried and tested quite a few gadgets for different aspects of my job. I hope by sharing the best tech gadgets under $50 that are super helpful with you will make life easier, and less expensive.


Earbuds Are A Must

Whether you like headphones, earbuds, or wrap around earphones, meetings nowadays usually require sound blocking hearing devices. I love these earbuds I purchased, they fit perfect in my tiny ears, and sound great. They sound so great that one of my TV stations even purchased them for their staff.


Best Tech Gadgets Under $50

The Best Webcams

Ok, so good, better, best. Webcams can be tricky. Yes most computers come with one, but unless you have the latest and greatest computer, your webcam is sub-par. I went through a couple of webcams before I found one that works great for all of my meetings, TV segments, and video recordings.



Blue Light Glasses

These may not be an electronic, but they are soooo very necessary if you are on your electronics all day. Blue light glasses are inexpensive, easy to purchase, and you can even get the coating on your prescription glasses.



Because I shoot a lot of videos, a good microphone is very important. If you just shoot inside, then a lapel mic or standing mic will work. If you are shooting outside, you definitely want to get one with a buffer attachment.


Go Pro Type Camera’s

Action is in, I mean why not. I get asked to do a lot of activities, and shooting action shots while doing the activity isn’t always easy with your cell phone. This Want-to-be Go Pro works great, and it’s a quarter the price of an actual GoPro, just be sure to get a large memory card to shoot all the amazing footage you want to take. Be sure to get the right straps to hold that camera, the better the strap, the better the experience.


Great Lighting Is A Must

Lighting is important whether you are inside or outside. You need good lighting for Zoom calls, TV segments, and video recordings. It’s also a good idea to have good lighting when taking still photos, there’s only so much editing you can do.


Tripods, Be Sure To Get The Right Size

I may officially be a tripod hoarder. You can’t ever have to many, right? Finding the right tripod for your needs isn’t the easiest thing to do. I started with the simple tripod, but it wasn’t big enough to hold my large camera, so I went bigger. Then I realized I needed a tripod to do overhead shots, this tripod/C Stand is not under $50, but it is totally worth it (see below). Another tripod I purchased to hold my rotating phone holder wasn’t under $50 either, but it is probably my favorite tripod.(also see below) Below are the tripods I have purchased that are under $50, and they work great.


Mouse And Keyboards

The husband and I have different views on what makes a great mouse and keyboard. He likes wired mice and keyboards, and I like wireless. But we don’t agree on Apple vs PC, or iPhone vs Android either. So take it for what it is, i’ve listed his favorite mouse and keyboard, and my favorite mouse and keyboard. 



The RocketBook is such a great invention. I received one to review last year and fell in love with it. It is so handy for taking notes, writing my posts when I’m not in front of my computer, and it’s small enough to fit in my purse. This is a great gadget for adults and kids, and it downloads right to the computer.


Coffee Machine (This Is A Must Have)

Ok, so anyone that knows me knows how very important coffee is to me. I have 12 different coffee makers, and yes, I use them all. In the beginning of the pandemic I even created a coffee bar in my home. This was very important because the coffee houses I would normally work from closed down for a while, and I still needed my coffee, and my coffee house feels. After building my studio to shoot segments in, I added a small Keurig coffee maker, it’s a little over $50, but so worth it. This was definitely one of the number 1 best tech gadgets under $50 I purchased.


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A Few Necessities Over $50

Not everything you need to work successfully from home can be purchased for under $50, so here is my list of gadgets necessary for a successful working environment. Again, I am an apple fan, and the hubs likes his PC’s, so I have listed what we both have and use.

iPad Pro

I love my Apple products, I have since 2009 when I received my first iPhone. This is my 3rd iPad, and if you ask my husband, he would tell you that is the problem with Apple, they make you buy the newest version instead of just updating your pc. He has a valid point, but I still love my Apple products and how easy they are to use.


Know Which Laptop To Get

If you ask my husband, he would tell you to get a desktop PC, and some companies do require you to have one. But nowadays a laptop is way more efficient, and it’s great for getting up from your desk and working in a different location. Though y husband has 4 monitors hooked up along with his work laptop, so leaving his desk isn’t as easy for him as it is for me.


Remote Controlled Moving Tripod




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